Frequently asked questions from users

  1. Why don’t I see discussions in the app?
    If you can not see any discussions please open the main menu and go to the “courses”-page. Maybe there are no discussions so far, or there are no forums within your courses.
  2. How does the video chat works?
    You can make video chats from within eduMessenger using the external tool “” which is based on the HTML5-standard called WebRTC. There is no need for registration – just use it with up to 8 people.
  3. How does the etherpad works?
    Etherpads are real live collaborative text fields. If you want to make eg. a brainstorming or create a longer text in a cooperative way this is a perfect tool for you. Most etherpads are created using the free website, but you moodle admins can specify an alternative url during the registration process. Etherpad is an open source software and could be downloaded from to be hosted by your organization itself. There is an Etherpad specific to each discussion, but be aware of the fact, that Etherpads are public and should therefore not contain private data.