On this page we show you some features that give our messenger the “edu”-flavor and how it respects your privacy!

Messenger vs. Mobile App

Besides our eduMessenger that works with Moodle as its backend, we also want to mention the official Moodle Mobile AppĀ that can too be used for free and is maintained by the Moodle HQ.

Moodle Mobile App

Messenger Feeling

Even though both Apps are designed to support educational processes, they have different approaches to that topic.


The Moodle Mobile App is designed to mirror the feeling of the moodle webpage. Therefore you need to “switch” between Moodle-Instances and navigate mainly through courses or tasks.

In comparison eduMessenger shows a timeline of forum posts and internal messages through all connected moodle instances. It facilitates the feeling of a messenger and focusses on direct communication without the need to “switch” between Moodle-Instances.

Main features

As a messenger-app eduMessenger uses Moodles forums for group messaging and internal messages for direct messaging. Therefore it basically divides between “Topics” and “Messages“. In the “Profile” you can change language, name an email address. But these changes only affect your data within eduMessenger and are only collected if we need to contact you in urgent need.


Educational Purpose

To enhance learning and teaching possibilities eduMessenger provides certain features. Therefore we want to introduce some of them to you:

App Management


The “Courses” page lets you navigate through courses across all connected moodle instances. You can mute push notifications from certain courses and access all resources inside these courses. If opened they are opened using the system browser.

The “Task” feature allows you to mark certain forum posts or messages and collect them on a todo list.


Our very special “Availability” module provides you a way to adjust the times when you want to be available via push notifications. If you muted push notifications for a specific time range you will receive them as soon as you are available again. Using this feature you won’t miss something, but you will never be unwillingly disturbed.


You can manage all connected moodle instances in the “Services” section. We support direct login as far as Moodle sites with external Single Sign On-Providers.



Learning Management

If you are using Moodle on of your most important requirements is the possibility to manage the learning process. Therefore we implemented a feature to “attach” Moodle resources and activities to certain forum post, nearly the same way as you would do with file attachments.

When creating a discussion or post you can “attach” a file (paper clip) or a resource (paper sheet). Afterwards you can tick from all course contents which resources or activities shall be attached. These “attachments” appear within eduMessenger and in your moodle.

Within eduMessenger you can directly grade forum posts. This applies to score based grading as far as scales.

Synchronous collaboration

In eduMessenger you find a right panel in every forum topic. There you find specific information about the course and forum that this topic is part of, and furthermore you find tools to directly start synchronous collaboration.

eduMessenger offers a Videochat using appear.in and synchronous textfields using Etherpad. Appear.in is a free service that you can use without registration in any html5-capable browser. For the mobile platforms it is advisable to install the Appear.in-App.

Etherpad is a free software that can be hosted by anyone. By default eduMessenger uses etherpad.org as free host, but Moodle Admins can specify another host.

Data sovereignty & Privacy

Technically eduMessenger uses the same interfaces to moodle that are also used by the moodle mobile app. Therefore and because of the fact that eduMessenger only uses moodles core-functionality it does not drive you into a lock-in. All messages and forum entries are stored in your moodle and everybody can access them through your moodle website without a messenger.

You can review what is stored about you in eduMessenger using the feature “My Data” in the “Profile” section. This function fetches all data concerning you from our central database and shows it to you.