As a user

Downloading the eduMessenger App is completely free. It is required that the Administrator of your moodle instance installs our plugin in advance! Please check out if your moodle is already registered with eduMessenger.

Alternatively you can download the Android-APK directly from here.

As a moodle admin

  1. Install the moodle plugin from the moodle plugin database or from github.
  2. Navigate to Site Administration > eduMessenger

  3. Once you tick the button “Create Token” your moodle will register your URL in our database and eduMessenger will create a token for your moodle that will be used to authenticate the origin of further requests – tick that button now!
  4. Sometimes it is necessary for eduMessenger to connect to your moodle and perform specific tasks. Therefore we use a webservice. Now got to Site Administration > Plugins > Webservice Tokens. Chose an administrative user and the webservice “eduMessenger”.
  5. Go back to Site Administration > eduMessenger
  6. Your data is automatically transferred to eduMessenger and you can now open the “Management Console“.
  7. Simply enter your data and upload your logo. If you are using an external authentication-mechanism (often used with SSO) please set the option “Webbased Auth” to “yes“.
  8. Go to the next page and tick the checkbox to activate your moodle within eduMessenger.
  9. Go to the next page and you will see your contingent of users that is allowed to connect with eduMessenger. More information about our packages can be seen on the page “pricing“.
  10. Last but not least – you need to activate the moodle mobile webservice that is also used by the moodle mobile app. – please have a look at the page “Moodle Mobile guide for admins“.