Educational purpose

eduMessenger is designed to support educational situations.

  • You want to post a link to your students?
  • You want to support your students with their homeworks or give your students the opportunity to communicate under your supervision?
  • You want to remind your students for a due assignment?

All this can be done with eduMessenger – and could be done with other tools. But what makes eduMessenger so special is the following: Moodle as backend tool!

  • You can use eduMessenger or not – all your data is in your moodle and you can switch your mode of operation – eduMessenger along the way, moodle in your class
  • You have built your courses and want to re-use them? With moodle you can!
  • You want to export your resources? With moodle you can!

On the long run you will profit from moodle as our core as it gives freedom to your data and does not drive you into a technical lock-in.

Data sovereignty

As said all data is under your control! Even as concerns your privacy we made privacy and data sovereignty to our key concept. Have a look at our privacy manifest and learn what we store – as few as possible.

Freedom of choice

freedom of choice

We don’t drive you into the situation that everybody needs to use our Messenger. Moodle works in different ways. Maybe someone does not have a compatible device? Maybe somebody does not like third party tools? We care about those people – many of them under age persons – and do not rule them out from the communication.

As all messages are stored within your moodle as part of a forum or internal message you are good to go without eduMessenger as well. And – in addition – there is the official moodle mobile app if you prefer this one.

Our goals

We are proud to be where we are. We know what we want to achieve to make eduMessenger even better. Have a look at our plans:

You have an idea that is missing in the features vision? Let us know!